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Is the storing of hay allowed at self storage units?

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I want to know more about this, please give me more information.

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jacquie gans from Dhaka, বাংলাদেশ

You should check with the company that operates the storage facility. If you don’t want to “make a big fuss” ask your buddy to call the same place that is being rented & ask like he’s actually wondering if he could do it.
The person will tell them the truth. Find out the answer & then go & complain or not—depending on the issue.
If yes—I’d just ask to move your unit due to the “bad neighbor”. Frankly it shouldn’t smell horrible unless it was wet when they put the hay in there. You are right though—hay is combustible making it a horrible fire hazard. You will get more in here about self storage oakville.

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megankayes from Dhaka, বাংলাদেশ

All self-storage will not give you all kinds of facility. For this you will need to contact with the self-storage, They has many different of service. So when you want to keep your products on a self-storage you need to discuss with them. They will tell you truth. You will be able to know everything from there and then be able to taken decision that how much allowed self-storage. Generally 55,510,10*10 size you will get. So no tension for their allowing. You will get more in here about self storage oakville.

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